The MAIDESITE Lift Helps Prevent Falls And Assists With Fall Recovery

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Have you ever suffered the pain of dear falling and not being able to help him/her get up from the floor?

Have you ever fallen at home and been unable to get up from floor?

The Maidesite Lift Helps Prevent Falls And Assists With Fall Recovery

How To Use And Installation It

The MAIDESITE Lift Helps Prevent Falls And Assists With Fall Recovery

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I would give this chair 100 stars if I could! We bought this for my father in law who is older and has taken several tumbles. It would take 2-3 of us to pick him up when he fell down. This chair has been a total life saver for us! We have used it three times already and it's worth every penny! It was easy to scoot him onto the chair and then easily raise him to a sitting position where he could stand up!


I bought the product for my husband who has fallen in the past. Lo and behold who should have the opportunity to use it first but myself not once but twice. Being 71 years old my knees don't help to get me up from the floor. Yelled for my husband to get the chair. Although it weighs around 30 lbs he positioned it near my back side and I was able to roll over on to it while he operated the controls.

Rick Y.

If your a Senior Citizen or someone who has trouble getting up if they fall then this Electric Chair Lift is for you. The unit is self contained and does not run off your home electrical outlet. It is battery operated with the batteries inside the remote control. The unit is not light weight as the ad claims. It will take a little effort to get the chair over to were the person has fallen. Once the chair is in place it works like a charm.

Armen (Hank) Mancini

After my heart attack and my stroke at 56 years old, I have very little strength in my legs that I have to use a walker. a couple of times I my legs were too weak to get of the floor after I had fallen, it took about 1 hour for my roommate and I to get me up of the floor but with my chair I can get in the sitting position to get back on my walker to transfer to my wheelchair.


It does a good job lifting a 180 lbs individual. The only complaint is that I wish the side flaps on the seat were removable, so we could use it with or without the flaps, according to our need at that specific time. The flaps may work against a short or short armed individual, when they are trying to inch themselves on the device.

leslie wilper

After hip surgery and two soft falls requiring 911 assistance we purchased this chair.The piece of mind we now enjoy is worth the purchase price. We’ve tried it and are confident that it’ll perform as intended. The portability allows for it to be used outside as well big plus Jerry


I sent a message to the seller and received a response a few minutes later. I lost my charger for the chair. The seller had a replacement charger in stock and shipped it immediately receiving it 3 days later.The chair has been a life saver using it multiple times to get my father-in-law off the ground.

Tammy Dooley

I don't have much use of my right arm or leg due to spinal damage. I was home alone and fell. Usually, we have to call neighbors to come help me up. BUT, not this time. Yes, I did have to crawl to where we have it stored. I was able to get to it, set it up, scoot myself on to it and was able to lift myself off of the floor. Once I was in the sitting position I was able to just stand up!


My father fell outside and could not get back up. Rushed over, unpacked it and thankfully it had enough charge to do the job. Paid for itself right then. NOTE: There is no auxiliary power option. The controller (contains the battery) plugs in and powers the chair. Instructions could be better. Also the support pole connection from chair back to seat needs better illustration. At 30 lbs w/ suction cup feet it may not be easiest item for some to move around.


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