36,000 units of MAIDeSITe Electric Floor Lift have been sold on Amazon

36,000 units of MAIDeSITe Electric Floor Lift have been sold on Amazon

The MAIDeSITe Electric Floor Lift is a secure and independent mobility aid. Beyond being FDA-certified, it has consistently been a best seller on Amazon. Currently, nearly 36,000 units have been sold, with an impressive satisfaction rate of 95%, which is a milestone for MAIDeSITe. This floor lift has not only assisted numerous seniors but has also been a valuable aid for caregivers and patients recovering from illnesses.


You might wonder: Who is the MAIDeSITe Electric Floor Lift suitable for?  It's designed for seniors prone to falls and those unwilling to bathe. For example

  • Individuals facing challenges such as age-related imbalance, muscle weakness, or joint issues that cause unsteadiness in walking.
  • Seniors with visual impairments like cataracts or glaucoma, making it difficult to navigate obstacles at home.
  • Seniors with certain health conditions, like stroke or diabetes, which increase the risk of falls, can benefit.
  • Those taking medications with potential side effects like dizziness or weakness may find it helpful.
  • Seniors who are simply reluctant to bathe due to reasons like the fear of falling, injury, Alzheimer's, dementia, memory loss, and so on.


Falling is something that everyone finds embarrassing and painful, especially for elderly individuals who cannot stand up independently. Additionally, for some elderly people with underlying health conditions, falling and being unable to get up promptly may worsen their health situation, posing potential risks such as:

  • Healing issues with fractures: Elderly individuals with fragile bones may experience fractures from a fall, and being unable to stand for an extended period or lacking timely medical intervention may affect the healing of fractures.
  • Muscle atrophy: Prolonged periods of lying on the ground or an inability to stand may lead to muscle atrophy and weakening, potentially impacting walking and the ability to take care of oneself.
  • Risk of infection: Spending a long time on the ground increases the risk of infection, especially if the place where the fall occurred is not adequately clean.


In addition to these risks, there is also the potential for increased medical expenses, such as calling 911 for an ambulance or seeking help from caregivers. This undoubtedly imposes a burden on families with limited financial means. Moreover, even if one can afford these expenses, ambulances or caregivers may not be able to arrive immediately, and this method may not be available in some medically underserved areas.


Furthermore, it causes a mental burden on the family member. Children may worry about their parents' safety, while parents may be concerned about becoming a burden to their children. Undoubtedly, this is not conducive to the mental health of the elderly.


So, why not consider the MAIDeSITe Electric Floor Lift? It is not only cost-effective but also provides more independence, safety, and health benefits for the elderly.


Importantly, this MAIDeSITe Electric Floor Lift is easy to operate. Firstly, you just need to open the floor lift, place it steadily beside the fallen seniors, let them move slowly onto the seat, press the green ascend button on the remote controller, and when it reaches the appropriate height, press the red pause button. If you have a wheelchair at home, you can slowly transfer the elderly to the wheelchair. Afterward, you can move them to the sofa or bed. Besides, it only takes you one step to install the floor lift successfully. When not in use, it can be folded to save space.


“My parents don't feel as embarrassed or upset when they fall, they don't have to wait around for me to find someone to help me pick them up - and they no longer feel like they are 'burdensome' in any way when they fall. (This is huge!) I no longer have to run around to see if a neighbor is home (to help me), nor do I have to call 911 for help (if nobody else is around.) AND, my dad is beyond THRILLED to be able to take a bath again - rather than only have a sponge bath. ’’ A user shared her experience, saying her parents benefit a lot from this MAIDeSITe Electric Floor Lift. Although she was initially a little skeptical about how well this would work.


MAIDeSITe's product manager, David, mentioned: Initially, we aimed to design a bath chair lift that would assist the elderly in bathing more effectively. However, during the testing phase of this bath chair, we discovered its potential as a floor lift to help individuals stand up from the ground after a fall. Even with a user weight of up to 300 lbs, it effortlessly lifts them from the floor. In essence, this chair lift combines the features of a bath lift chair and a floor lift. We believe this technology will provide seniors with increased freedom, safety, and independence, ultimately enhancing their quality of life.



Established in 2013, MAIDeSITe has been deeply focused on the rehabilitation and medical equipment fields for over a decade, engaging in research, production, and sales. With a mature presence in both online and offline channels, diversified market strategies, and a comprehensive marketing approach including cross-border e-commerce and traditional foreign trade, MAIDeSITe aims to become one of the leading companies  in rehabilitation and mobility aids.


Simultaneously, MAIDeSITe always stays connected to the market trend, prioritizing user feedback and updating high-quality products. In the future, MAIDeSITe will enhance their customer care focus to ensure satisfaction throughout the shopping process.


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